Enterprise Governance of IT

Enterprise Governance of IT

With constant and rapid digital transformation, information & technology (IT) have become integral in the support, sustainability and growth of businesses and enterprises of all sizes. Stakeholder value creation is driven buy a high degree of digitization in new business models, efficient processes and successful innovation, and more than ever before, businesses and enterprises are increasingly dependent on IT for growth and to remain competitive.

Enterprise Governance of IT (EGIT) is critical to achieve business value while optimizing risk and resources. In today's fast-paced technological environment, success and business transformation require investing in an overall governance posture built from a number of components that contribute to the good operation of an enterprise's governance system for IT assets.

Enter COBIT - Control Objectives for Information & Related Technology. Developed by ISACA in the 1990's, it is recognized today as a leading comprehensive IT governance and management framework.

At Arcus Consulting, COBIT is our preferred framework for implementing effective EGIT. We will transform your stakeholders' needs into an actionable strategy by going through a series of design factors and identifying specific enterprise & alignment goals, which will identify the appropriate governance & management objectives that you should focus on to create business value for your stakeholders.

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